Tony Judt - cujos livros sobre o século passado foram traduzidos recentemente - sofre de uma doença do foro neurológico, degenerativa, apelidada de "doença de Lou Gehrig". Este texto é a primeira de uma série de reflexões de Judt a pretexto e acerca da sua doença. É cruel mas é um belíssimo escrito sobre a precariedade disto tudo, a noite definitiva que praticamente nunca ninguém vê vir.

«The best way to survive the night would be to treat it like the day. If I could find people who had nothing better to do than talk to me all night about something sufficiently diverting to keep us both awake, I would search them out. But one is also and always aware in this disease of the necessary normalcy of other people's lives: their need for exercise, entertainment, and sleep. And so my nights superficially resemble those of other people. I prepare for bed; I go to bed; I get up (or, rather, am got up). But the bit between is, like the disease itself, incommunicable. I suppose I should be at least mildly satisfied to know that I have found within myself the sort of survival mechanism that most normal people only read about in accounts of natural disasters or isolation cells. And it is true that this disease has its enabling dimension: thanks to my inability to take notes or prepare them, my memory—already quite good—has improved considerably, with the help of techniques adapted from the "memory palace" so intriguingly depicted by Jonathan Spence. But the satisfactions of compensation are notoriously fleeting.There is no saving grace in being confined to an iron suit, cold and unforgiving. The pleasures of mental agility are much overstated, inevitably—as it now appears to me—by those not exclusively dependent upon them. Much the same can be said of well-meaning encouragements to find nonphysical compensations for physical inadequacy. That way lies futility. Loss is loss, and nothing is gained by calling it by a nicer name. My nights are intriguing; but I could do without them.»

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radical livre disse...

Lou Gehrig, jogador de basebol, sofreu de esclerose lateral amiotrófica, doença neurodegenerativa a nível dos neurónios motores.
infelizmente ainda é progressiva e fatal.
dela sofreram, que saiba, David Niven e José Afonso.

Anónimo disse...

Triste, muito triste. De certo modo poético. Mas sobretudo muito bonito de se ler.

Anónimo disse...

Noite definitiva? Pensava que era cristão!