«MUSIC: Strauss's Four Last Songs. For the profundity that is achieved not by complexity but by clarity and simplicity. For the purity of the sentiment about death and parting and loss. For the long melodic line spinning out and the female voice soaring and soaring. For the repose and composure and gracefulness and the intense beauty of the soaring. For the ways one is drawn into the tremendous arc of heartbreak. The composer drops all masks and, at the age of eighty-two, stands before you naked. And you dissolve.»

Philip Roth, Exit Ghost, 2007 (Video: Leontyne Price, Im Abendrot, Vier Letzte Lieder, de Richard Strauss)

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Anónimo disse...

Magnífico o Strauss. E magnífica a Price.


Anónimo disse...

Obrigado por esta (para mim) descoberta.Vou pôr a Price ao lado das minhas deusas maiores Jurinac e Schwarzkopf e menores Norman e a (já cansada na gravação) Della Casa. Continue a dar-nos música,mas desta...